Gressel Law
Friday, January 08, 2010

Tax Planning

My tax planning practice involves helping clients recognize tax-saving opportunities and take advantage of them.  When you start a new business, or buy real property or expensive equipment for your business, there are tax planning opportunities to consider. Likewise when planning your estate, there are often tax strategies that can help you preserve wealth.  When it is time to take money out of your retirement plans, or leave them to your beneficiaries, there are very significant planning choices to make.

My tax planning services include:

  • “A-B” marital planning for Ohio and federal estate taxes
  • Life insurance and life insurance trusts for large policies
  • Annual gift programs and gift tax strategies
  • Gifts to charity, charitable trusts, giving to charity through retirement plans
  • Bequests of retirement plan assets
  • Strategies for taking assets OUT OF retirement plans