Gressel Law
Friday, January 08, 2010

My Practice


Experienced, qualified, client centered

  Since 1980 I have helped clients avoid and solve problems, and save money.

Estate Planning

  I  am an Ohio State Bar Association certified specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust law.

  I recommend safe ways to avoid probate- which saves time, energy and money for your family.  

  I use “living” trusts, and other probate avoidance tools for my clients.

  I offer complete estate planning  and “life planning” services, so clients can choose who will take care of them in old age,                                                   and who will handle their assets.  I recommend powers of attorney and health care powers to protect my clients.

  I craft “special needs” trusts so disabled family members can keep their government benefits.

Estate Administration

 I advise families of deceased persons about the legal and other requirements for winding up their loved one's affairs. Whether probate (court supervised  administration) is or is not necessary, there are often financial, business, tax and other decisions to be made and actions to be taken.

 I advise on Ohio and federal income tax issues, Ohio and federal estate tax issues and other technical issues facing the family of a deceased person.  I prepare Ohio  and federal estate tax returns as well as any required court filings. 

Small Business

 I help clients starting new businesses choose the best form of business entity for their situation. 

 I work closely with the client’s accountant to coordinate our  services.

 I advise on the most common legal problems that small businesses faces, like employment law, taxes, insurance, contracts, and leases.   


 I have helped establish many of the non-profit organizations started in Butler County in the last  30 years.      

 I advise non-profits on the disclosure and tax rules that apply to them, as well as their ordinary business issues.