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Friday, January 08, 2010

Estate Planning

The goal of “estate planning” is to carry out the client’s wishes in an efficient way, at the lowest cost that is consistent with the client’s plan. Every adult American needs an estate plan, no matter how simple, that is designed with him, or her, in mind. I want to help you make your plan reality in a way that helps your family- not impose someone else’s ideas on your plan. 

I offer a complete range of estate planning services. From the simplest plans to the most complex tax-saving trusts and other tax strategies, I want to put my training and 30 years of experience at the service of your family. Your plan should let you choose who will care for you at the end of your life and for your family after your death. If your estate has estate tax issues, you may reduce or postpone them with good planning. Your family’s attorneys’ fees can also be greatly reduced by avoiding the probate of your assets.  

My estate planning services include:
Simple plans
     • Wills, powers of attorney, health care powers and living wills

     • Review of deeds and other assets to attempt to avoid probate
Tax planning

     • "AB" marital planning for federal estate tax  

     • Life insurance trusts for big policies

     • Annual giving programs- gift tax strategies

     • Charitable giving strategies

     • Planning for retirement plan assets- estate and income tax issues

Estate Administration

I advise families of deceased persons about the legal and other requirements for winding up their love-one's affairs.                                                               Whether probate (court supervised administration) is or is not necessary, there are often financial, business, tax an
dother decisions to be made and actions to be taken. I advise on Ohio and federal income tax issue, federal estate
tax issues, and other technical issues facing  thefamily of a deceaed person. I prepare federal estate tax returns
as well as any required court filings.


Families with disabled children

     • "Special needs" trusts to preserve Medicaid and SSI eligibility

     • Guardianships for medical reasons

Divorced parents of minor children; grandparents of minor children
     •  Preventing the ex-spouse from managing the inheritance